Frequently Asked Questions


We know you might have a few questions so we’ve decided to go ahead and answer some here. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us at

How do I sign up for a class?

Forward uses MindBody, an easy and secure scheduling system. Through the MindBody website or app, you can view available classes, keep track of your purchase history, manage subscriptions, and add yourself to the waitlist.

How do I schedule a class if the signup window has closed?

The signup window closes 1 hour before each class starts (i.e. signup for the 9:30am class closes at 8:30am). If you would like to sign up for a class after the window closes, please email us at or call us at 504.354.8005. Please wait for confirmation that you are scheduled for the class before showing up as we do not accept walk-ins.

What if I’m the only person signed up?

Class is subject to cancellation 1 hour before class time if there are not 3 or more clients signed up for class. You will receive an email if class is cancelled. It is the client’s responsibility to monitor if class has been cancelled due to class size. If class is cancelled, you will be able to sign up for a later class on the same day, if you wish. If you have any questions about this cancellation policy, please ask!

How do I prepare for my first class?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled class to allow the instructor to show you how to use the machine. The workout is designed for groups and because you can adjust your own resistance, a private class is not required before you take your first group class. However, if you have any injuries or medical conditions, it is recommended to take a private lesson in order to assess your limitations. 

What do I do if I’m late for class?

In order to be respectful of everyones time, class begins on time, every time. If you arrive up to 5 minutes after class has begun, you will be able to join the class but keep in mind that class will have already started. If you know you are going to be more than 5 minutes late for class, please cancel your reservation via the MindBody app or through our website. The door locks 5 minutes after class begins.

What do I do if I can’t make the class?

Forward Fitness operates on a strict 12-hour cancellation policy, even if it is your first time. The same rules apply even if you are making a change to your class time. If you do not cancel at least 12 hours prior to class start, you will lose your class credit. If you are an unlimited-monthly client, you will be charged $10 each time you cancel or reschedule a class without giving us the full 12-hour notice. If you do not show up for class and do not cancel, you will be charged $20. There are no exceptions, so please do not ask!

What should I bring to class?

  • Grippy socks are required (available for purchase at Forward)

  • Water (available for purchase at Forward)

  • Hand-Towel (you will be sweating)

What should I wear?

Comfortable/breathable clothing that you can move in. Clothing that is too baggy or flowy runs the risk of catching on the springs. 

Do you have locker rooms?

We have cubbies located in the room with the machines to securely store your belongings.

How often can I workout?

This is completely up to the client, but we recommend three to four days a week to allow proper time for your muscles to recover and rest in between each workout. 

Can I take the class if I’m pregnant?

As with all fitness regimens, pregnant women should consult their doctor before beginning any maternity exercise.